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Pennsville chiropractor has new technology for aligning the spine

By Kelly Roncace South Jersey Times
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For 33 years, Dr. Ivan Nadler has been the go-to chiropractor for many suffering from a back ache in Salem County and beyond.

"This is my first and only practice," Nadler said, at his Salem County Chiropractic Center office in Pennsville on Wednesday.

While he is most well-known for fixing aching bones, Nadler recently delved into the world of nutrition.

"Other aspects of the office are nutritional counseling and weight loss with the Advocare system," he said.

Nadler himself consults patients with nutritional advice, assisted by certified fitness trainer and office manager Kimberly Ball.

"We're trying to take the office from a pain clinic to a wellness center," she said. "Most back pain is from being overweight."

Nadler hosted a free Health Fair on March 18 featuring spinal exams, postural analysis, nutritional counseling, computerized body mass index tests and weight management counseling, in addition to blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol screenings by the staff of Salem County Health Services.

Nadler said patients can come in anytime for preventative exams and nutritional counseling.

"Preventative health is very important," he said. "You go to the dentist to have your teeth checked preventatively. It's good to come in and have your spine checked and discuss nutrition so you can get into healthier habits.

" During his 33 years in the practice, Nadler has seen many changes and advances in the chiropractic field.

"Impulse adjustment uses a computer to measure bone motion," he said, holding an instrument resembling a tuning fork. "It allows the bone to slide right back into place."

Nadler explained the pronged tool uses pulses or thrusts to move the bone back into alignment, and is easier than making adjustments manually.

"So for patients who don't want to get 'popped and cracked,' this is perfect for adjusting the spine," Nadler said. "And it takes just a few minutes."

Nadler still does it the old fashioned way, which many patients prefer.

"Manual adjustments release gases from the joints," he explained. "That's what makes the popping noise. It's not the bones breaking or cracking."

He said the method deals with specific adjustments in the spine which are safe and easy for a qualified chiropractic.

"I went to four years of medical school, four years of chiropractic school and did a one-year internship," he said. "So it's safe for chiropractors to do."

Ball said she hopes people will rethink their pain management and try a holistic approach such as chiropractics.

"All pains medications do is mask the problem," she said. "Seeing a chiropractor takes care of the problem."

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