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CR 14x36 Digital Navigator

NOW AVAILABLE....Full spine x-ray from cervical to lumbar with one exposure!

The extraordinarily advanced CR 14x36 Digital Navigator delivers detail-rich digital images on the spot - wherever you work. The CR 14x36 Digital Navigator performs to the highest standards, all while eliminating the hassles of film-based imaging.CR 14x36 Digital Navigator

Incomparable Ease of Use. Superior Resolution. Diagnostic Quality images in just seconds. The CR 14x36 Digital Navigator frees your staff from the darkroom. The system is designed to load and operate in normal room lighting. The CR 14x36 Digital Navigator simplifies your entire imaging process: acquisition, diagnosis, storage and maintenance. Accepts multiple plate sizes; up to 14" in width and up to 51" in length. Scans up to four phosphor plates simultaneously in just seconds. Comprehensive software joins the files to produce a detail-rich, accurate digital image. X-Ray source flexibility. Works with any X-ray source so there's is no need to purchase additional X-ray equipment. Perfect For Your Most Demanding Patients. Easily detect abnormalities in the full length of the spine.

If you are a practitioner who requires full spine radiographs, the CR 14x36 Digital Navigator offers a new world of ease and convenience. Imagine the time and efficiency you will add to each day With a portable digital imaging system that enables you to view images on your laptop in seconds for on-the-spot diagnoses.
  • The CR 14x36 Digital Navigator Portable rapidly produces diagnostic quality images that are ready for viewing in just 55 seconds on your laptop. Acquire images, accurate the first time. No need for multiple exposures, "just in case."
  • Use your existing x-ray equipment to expose a reusable Phosphor Storage Plate, the same way you expose film.
  • Never again deal with film, chemistry, processor maintenance or duplicating. No need for a darkroom. 1436 Digital Navigator operates in normal room light.
  • Enhance images with supplied compatible imaging software to maximize the diagnostic information.
  • CR 14x36 Digital Navigator technology saves you time and space with easy digital file storage and archiving.
  • Retrieve and review patient x-rays, send them to a colleague or burn a copy on CD at the push of a button.
  • CR 14x36 Digital Navigator Portable facilitates easy mobility.