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Chiro E-News Magazine July 2015
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Dear Chiropractoic Professional,

We hope that you had a great 4th of July, The summer continues and so does the heat, but this can also mean more stress and strains. Diagnostic Imaging Systems, (DIS) is proud to present The Chiro E-News Magazine. DIS has been serving Chiropractors since 1983 for all their radiology needs. We have scoured the internet to bring you some of the most useful and entertaining news. ENJOY READING!
A Revolution in Radiology

Here's what our cutomers are saying

" We have been using Diagnostic Imaging for our x-ray equipment and supplies for over fifteen years. In November of 2014 we installed the new DR wireless flat panel reader system. We have been very happy with the quality of the equipment and the service. When service or supplies are needed we have always been able to talk to a "live" person and the right person for our needs. We can easily recommend Diagnostic Imaging and their services to other Chiropractors."

Breaking News

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Back Pain Requires Custom Approach

Not all back pain is the same, so the treatment for back pain shouldn’t be the same either. That may seem like common sense but now scientists are beginning to understand the truth behind that idea. A study published in the UK demonstrates the benefits of targeted treatment for patients with back pain....

ACVS Surgery Summit
Sports cinMedie 101: Surgery or No Surgery?

In the world of sports medicine, many careers are saved by surgeries that correct traumatic damage to the body. Muscle tears, ligament damage, fractures, spinal disc herniations, and joint instabilities are a few of the issues frequently addressed with surgical intervention....

Chiropractic Best for Neck Pain

A study from the prestigious medical journal The Annals of Internal Medicine reports that chiropractic is more effective for neck pain than medication.In the study, 272 patients with acute or subacute neck pain were given one of three treatments: medication, exercise with the advice of a , health practitioner, or chiropractic care....

Self-care for chiropractors

More often than not, chiropractic is viewed as the “treatment of last resort” after other, more traditional treatments failed. Chiropractors don’t like to turn away these types of patients, so treat them, one right after the other, in a given day....

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